Robot Crème

The cream of the pressure cookers and ice cream makers

With the Robot Crème range, making pastry desserts, sorbets and ice creams has never been so simple, efficient and accessible.
Pastry cream, mousses, choux pastry, petits fours, confectionery, travel cakes… all the great classics of pastry and frozen desserts can now be made with amazing speed and flawless precision.
Available in five versions: Multifunction, Pressure cookers, Special Kitchen, Pasteurizers and Turbines, the Robot Crème brand is literally revolutionizing the daily life of all professionals in the food industry.

The training

The purchase of a multifunctional pressure cooker is accompanied by a personalized training of the operators by one of our culinary demonstrators. A day of training that will allow the mastery of the functionalities, to optimize / rationalize the production and diversify the range of products.

The accompaniment

Any questions? Need advice? Our team of demonstrators remains available after the training as technical support to users.

New recipes every month

In all seasons and at each event of the calendar, our teams imagine new recipes!
From spreads to frozen Yule logs, our pastry chefs develop recipes to be made with multi-functional pressure cookers.

The team of demonstrators / trainers

Fabrice Berger

Responsible for demonstrator ROBOT CREAM

Claude Tardiou

Demonstrator ROBOT CREAM

Benjamin Perret

Demonstrator ROBOT CREAM

High-end technology
declined in different models

A single device with different functionalities

The most demanding design

Features that make all the difference:

A whole range of devices to meet the various needs of different professional profiles

With its Robot Crème brand and its various models of Multifunction, Pastocookers, Special Kitchen, Pasteurizers and Turbines, PVLAB offers a whole range of high-performance machines to meet the various expectations of the food industry.

Technology at the service of your creativity

4 features designed to make everyday life easier

1- Chaining program :

The chaining program allows to keep the ingredients of a recipe at +2°C and to delay the beginning of the cycle. The recipe is made outside the operators’ presence time and allows to rationalize the production.

Example: a pastry cream cooked and cooled as soon as the laboratory opens

2- Variotexture:

The variotexture function acts directly on the frequency of the drive motor of the mixing arm, allowing, by a value index, the choice of the texture of your ice creams and sorbets, without having to control the temperature and the time of blooding.

* Recipes not available on PC and PCE models

3- "Intelligent" electronic regulation:

Our machines are equipped with an “intelligent” electronic control with 50 recipe memories. They come with 40 pre-recorded recipes (which can be changed in 30 seconds).

Examples: Pastry cream, almond cream, diplomat cream, bavaroise cream, ice cream*, sorbet*, granita, marmalade, fruit jellies, ganache, chocolate sauce, mousses, mousseline, bombe dough, béchamel, choux pastry, marshmallow dough, topping, icing, etc…

4- 1⁄2 cold load:

The 1/2 cold load function allows you to work with small quantities, while optimizing the efficiency of your machine and reducing energy consumption. The tank will then be cooled on its lower part avoiding the formation of frost.